Design the Right Plant in the Right Place

Right Plant in the Right Place

Don’t be fooled by the term “dwarf” or “compact”; careful research has to be done to understand the mature size and girth as well as growth pattern of an ornamental or tree when plants are selected for installation. To have an exotic landscape design, you have to consider the long term growth.

Let’s talk about a thriving landscape and how to achieve a balance between proper planting while protecting our environment.  This thriving landscape design or termed exotic landscape design, will need to have the right plant in the right place and you can trust us to properly select material!

Florida Friendly Landscaping

Plants selected to suit a specific site will require minimal amounts of water, fertilization, and pest control. We are certified Florida Friendly Landscapers and our practices encompasses knowledge of low maintenance plants utilizing environmentally sustainable practices.

We supply only high quality “Grade A” plants, which are a wise
investment for your project.  Have you heard the old adage “Never put a 10 dollar tree in a 2 dollar hole.”  Landscape installation is more than merely digging a hole and sticking a plant in it.  Proper planting is essential for plant health; and our landscape designs give careful
consideration to the elements of your property such as plant nutritional needs
(including water), do they require sun or shade, are they fast growers and what
is the spacing requirements?

We survey the planting site for any hazards and perform soil samples 2-3 weeks prior to installation to determine soil amendment requirements.  If your property is new construction, there may be litter buried such as concrete or mortar, causing alkaline soil conditions which inhibits a plant’s ability to absorb nutrients. Compacted soil will inhibit root growth, and poorly drained soil can suffocate a root system killing the plants.

With proper planning and maintenance, we can reduce the use of pesticides and chemical treatments reducing runoff and leaching into our precious water supply.

Call or visit Exotic Designs Landscape Services today for a free design consultation. We have fun creating all types of designs. From Florida Friendly to an Exotic tropical jungle, and everything in between.