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Florida Friendly People Make All the Difference-One Isn’t the Loneliest Number

Education and action are words we live by. Being certified in Florida Friendly Landscapes and Best Management Practices carries a responsibility we are willing to share. We cannot expect our clients to understand their role in properly caring for their landscape if they are not educated in the 9 Principles of being Florida Friendly. With…   Read More»

A Recipe for Landscaping

Some people collect art, some collect Elvis plates, I collect recipes – recipes I have every intent to make – ranging from the everyday dinner to the gourmand. I read recipes for fun; I can envision what it will taste like while I read. With so many food bloggers out there, how many ways can…   Read More»

Design the Right Plant in the Right Place

Right Plant in the Right Place Don’t be fooled by the term “dwarf” or “compact”; careful research has to be done to understand the mature size and girth as well as growth pattern of an ornamental or tree when plants are selected for installation. To have an exotic landscape design, you have to consider the…   Read More»

Water-Our Most Precious Resource

Water – Our most precious resource Do you remember when you didn’t buy water?  Do you remember drinking water from the tap?   These days water is $1 a gallon and the water  from the kitchen sink has to be purified before we can use it to cook and clean the dishes–let alone drink it! Irrigation…   Read More»

Five Reasons To Choose Exotic Designs Landscape Services

5) Reasons to choose Exotic Designs Landscape Services: 1) Relationships with suppliers.We have relationships with the most reliable suppliers with the highest quality “Made in America” materials. As central Florida’s landscape contractor, we use certified grade A quality landscape plants and trees. For fencing projects, US factory made vinyl, wood, or aluminum assures you the…   Read More»

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